Lakonia Hotel in the center of Sparti gives you easy access


A city like Sparta offers its visitors a variety of activities and experiences that will make your stay even more unforgettable and special. If you would like to fill your time creatively , Lakonia Hotel in the center of Sparta gives you easy access to best meeting points .

Touring in Sparta

Surrounded by mounts Taýgetos and Párnon, Sparta was the kingdom of Menelaus and his beautiful queen, the most beautiful of all mortal women of her age, Helen. But Aphrodite had promised Paris of Troy the most beautiful woman on earth in return of a favour, so the Trojan prince came to Sparta to claim his trophy. He abducted Helen and travelled back to his homeland. Menelaus wanted his wife back and talked all the other kings of Greece into fighting against the Trojans. That’s pretty much how the most celebrated war of the myths started.

ξενοδοχειο Σπάρτη -Lakonia Hotel
ξενοδοχειο Σπάρτη -Lakonia Hotel
Nearby excursions

Sparta tours give you a taste of both Byzantine and ancient Greece, and take you to a tour where you can meet and feel the gorgeous natural phenomena near Sparta, such as the impressive Diros Caves, and sites of immense importance, such as the historical Byzantine fortress city of Mystras and the gorgeous Venetian Monemvasia. Enjoy the private Sparta tours and visit Sparta, the caves of Diros, Monemvasia, Mystras and Ancient Olympia in Greece

Mountaineering in Taygetos

There are many trails and climbing routes leading to the mountain peaks, but also trekking routes along old pack animal trails starting at the lowland villages and reaching other villages high in the mountains. Trekkers can follow the European trail E4, or combine an ascent up the eastern slopes of Taýgetos with a descent through the large ravines on the western slopes (“Vyrós”, “Ridomo”, “Rema Vidoli” and “Koskárakas” ravine).It takes two or three days to reach the peak. Most mountaineers usually choose to ascend on the eastern slopes.
To get there, first you go to Spárti and then take the road that leads to Gýtheion.

Stay in Sparta - Lakonia Hotel
Stay in Sparta - Lakonia Hotel
Scuba diving

Deep-sea diving is nowadays one of the most fascinating sea sports. Whole realms open up in the silence of the deep. The sea is an exciting world, full of mystery yet with sparkle. The brilliant colours on the seabed, the diversity of the sea creatures, the stunning underwater seascapes await discovery by explorers within this vast blue environment. In Areopolis, Laconia, the seabed in enchanting Limeni is covered with huge slabs of rock. The lush green landscape and rocky coast make an ideal setting for marine exploration.


Laconic land invites you to enjoy beautiful beaches, usually small but picturesque sandy beaches that stretch along Laconia, the two large bays, the Laconian and Messinian. Located 45 minutes from Sparta, you will find the Montenegrin coast. Lovely and clean beach which stretches for five kilometers, attracts a large number of visitors. At the same distance from Sparta, you will find Vathi also a beautiful and clean beach. Other nearby Sparta which “see” in the Gulf of Laconia is the Archangel, Plytra, Elia and the Cote d’Azur.

Stay in Sparta - Lakonia Hotel